3D Rendering in Sydney

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Have a drive over Sydney harbour bridge and see the city littered with cranes. I can almost guarantee every one of these redevelopments have had multiple 3D renderings and artist impressions created to help showcase what is to come. In addition, not only are large redevelopments and commercial fit outs utilising 3d rendering. Home builders are too. 

This is because the industry is extremely competitive and to get a sale or enquire each builder must go the extra step and showcase a 3D visualisation to their clients. Any Architects reading this? You are one of the main clients that request architectural visualisation. This is because there is a lot of boutique Architects out there that do not have the time to focus on producing 3D visuals.


3D Rendering In Sydney

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Whats involved in Sydney 3D Rendering?

So, what exactly is involved in getting a 3d rendering ready for your development in Sydney? Well, firstly we gather as much information as we can from you such as your CAD files, camera view, material specifications & theme you would like. We then use software like 3Dsmax to make a 3D model in black and white of your building.

This model is sent to you for you to check the camera angle and model. If you are happy, great! The materials and landscape of the Sydney 3D render are now applied and sent to you. Upon confirmation you are sent you the final high-resolution image. It’s really that easy. If you have any problems at all just give us a call or email and we sort it extremely fast. What about deadline you ask? Well it is usually based on your project and you.

If it’s an urgent project we can do it as fast as we can but in reality, the quality can some times suffer. This is because you can’t give the exact changes you want and the 3D team can’t refine the visual to the extent they would like. However, money talks and our team are happy to do overtime if need be.

Through communication and pride, combined with years of experience working on a magnitude of projects, we know how to make the process as smooth as possible for you delivering exceptional results.

Popular styles of 3D Renders in Sydney

There are heaps of different themed exteriors that can be produced. One of our favourite for Sydney builders is this style dawn theme below. We have perfected this dusk dramatic theme with the lights on inside to draw the viewer inside the home. This view is basically only for home builders and with a front on camera angle due to landscaping and photographic elements that are added in post production. If our clients want this style render it is important they let us know when asking for a quote. Otherwise, we may not be able to produce these results.

The photomontage is a tricky one. Firstly, the photo taken that we will merge with the render has to be decent. Things to keep in mind are the time of day you are taking the photo, the shadows in the photo and the lighting. We can edit the sky and change the colours a to a degree but one thing we have to follow is the shadows on the surrounding landscape to make it photo realistic. in addtion, it is key to  Take a look at this photomontage we did for a client and works great in Sydney.

Interiors can also benefit from a photomontage. This image shows a glorious balcony view of what might be seen when this job is completed in Sydney. As you can tell out the balcony is a photo. We prefer these to be day sun light as it makes it easier to brighten up the interior. However, we can still do this in a dusk or night theme and turn on all the lights on inside. But this is one of our more common and recommended styles.

Ok, you’re still reading this article. At this stage it is time to give us a call and ask any questions about your Sydney commercial or residential project, no point browsing the internet anymore. We will tell you exactly what the go is and answer all of your questions to do with what is 3D rendering. We will help you get the most out of your development marketing campaign and listen to everything you suggest. Need a price? Send us an email or give us a call. Its that simple.