Who is RenderVision?

We are a small boutique 3d rendering studio called Render Vision and have created over 1000 images in the past 10 years for customers all over Australia. We are based in Australia and create eye-catching 3D visuals day in day out. 

We pride ourselves on giving high quality and the best customer service possible. We do our very best and dont stop to ensure you will be happy with the 3D renders we create for you.

Our Process

How it works?

Our multi-step 3D rendering process allows us to give you exactly what you want on time, every time.

1. Information & Quote

plan with a camera drawn on it showing a camera view for a 3d render

We receive your plans and camera angles. We will then send you a quote based from that information. Once confirmed, you will send as much information about the project you can. This can include: colours, materials, photos of select products, landscaping plans/photos, furniture style, render lighting and previous renders you like. Remember, the more information we get at the start the smoother the job will go.

2. Modelling

We will work our magic by creating the model and send you a glimpse of your design. This will show you the camera angle and the structure of the building. If any details are missing or incorrect, we will fix them up and send you another model render before proceeding.

3. First Draft

We will apply textures and materials to the project based from the information you have sent us. It really helps us get the textures and colours perfect if you send clear details and images to help us get these correct the first time.

4. Changes

Let us know where we made any mistakes or if something doesn’t look correct so we can investigate and fix them for you. Please try make this as clear as possible with photos and a clear mark-up of what you need. Please note: It is important to compile all the changes required at the same time so we can finalise the image and meet your deadlines.

5. Final Render & Post Production

Finally, we will send the image to our high tech server to render at a high resolution so the image is ready for print. additionally, we will touch up and fine tune any details within a photo editing program so your 3d render stands out.


What They Think?


Most frequent questions and answers regarding our 3D visualisation process

We need your floor plans and elevations. We prefer to work from CAD DWG files but we can also work from PDF, Revit, Sketchup and 3DS file format. We usually can give discounts if the 3D file will save us time. If in doubt ask us and we will let you know.

  • Colours, materials, finishes, flooring, doors.
  • The ligthing theme of your render, it is best to send us an example render you like so we can copy that exact style.
  • CAD plans or general information on landscaping and furniture styles or photo examples if you have any.
  • The camera angles you want.
  • The purpose of your render so we know the final resolution size
  • are you interested to have a real background or foreground to make your render as realistic as possible? if so, we can photo-montage them in to the 3D render.
  • Required deadline

Please keep in mind the more clear information and photo references you give us, the more accurate we can make your 3D render.

Times will vary depending on the complexity and scale of the project. As a rough estimate you will usually have your first draft view within 96 hours. From then, it depends on how fast you are at getting the changes to us and how many there is.

If you require your renders urgently we can work overtime to accommodate you for a small extra charge

Standard renders are around A3 paper size. If you require higher resolution images please advise us when requesting a quote.

Yes, before we commence work we must have proof that you have paid the 50% deposit.

As long as the changes are within the scope of works and not drastically changing the render, we allow: 3 changes at the modelling stage and 3 changes at the draft stage and we then render once at high resolution.

Our clients rarely ever need more changes than this if the original information is clear. However, we do understand that in some circumstances you will need additional changes and we can do that for you for a small extra fee.

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